Mr. Tree

HerIM: ...the second thing is your IA findings focus on the intranet,

which is a good suggestion...but what do you think about the Internet?

MeIM: oh, that

MeIM: that Internet thing

MeIM: i'll do more there

HerIM: that would be cool. you can use 2 pages if you need to

MeIM: but that would hurt Mr. Tree

HerIM: what is mr tree?

MeIM: Mrs. Tree's husband

MeIM: shattering their family

HerIM: i'm going to ignore you now

MeIM: fatherless kids

HerIM: when can you send me your updates?

MeIM: oh, the horror

MeIM: in 5 minutes

HerIM: word

Friday, September 27, 2002 | Permalink | Filed in Humor


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