Pixel Charmer

As much as we write, filter, embellish, design, decorate, and publish, we rarely capture our rich human personalities on the web. The best writers I know come close, but it's a life's work pushing their craft to that level. And yet I've found simple correspondence can often push it to the next level, revealing so much more of us. Perhaps the difference is the tone we take when speaking to a friend instead of an anonymous audience, perhaps we let our guard down. Perhaps it's the personalized message possible when we know the other's interests. Whichever, the people I have met - both in person and through email - come across in technicolor compared to their published selves.

Such is the case with T.R., whose site was finally outed through her work with A List Apart. I'm lucky enough to claim her as a friend and neighbor. Her blog is certainly worth a read, but as usual only hints at the person within.

Do you have a neighbor on the web? The person within might be only an email away!

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