Car Free

Finally sold my Beetle. Sniff. I didn't realize how much I'd miss her until a week before the sale. Still, it's good to be a carfree city dweller.

Tom tracked me down using the Internet. He flew in from Wyoming to get the car. He works as a coal miner, and his wife teaches. They have four daughters. We had a drink at the hotel bar, signed some papers, and talked about how cold it's been this winter and his drive home. Then I walked across the street to the airport and rode the monorail (which has a voice like Data's from Star Trek) to the Airtrain (which has a logo designed by Pentagram) to the subway (wherein a man chewed potato chips in such a way that many fell out of his mouth) which brought me to 3/4 of a block from my apartment. I walked up the steps to street level and peered straight through the clear sky to the brilliant moon and stars.

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