SBI Buys Razorfish

Press release. For me it means new service offerings (process design, supply chain management, integrated marketing) and a return to having a presence in Europe. As opposed to the July 2002 acquisition of Scient's 'certain assets and operations,' SBI acquired all of Razorfish.

Of SBI, Gartner says

Of the media reports in general, I was surprised at how often the press release was simply regurgitated or the writers took the opportunity to dig up titilating-yet-ancient corporate history. Forrester - whose business, ironically, is not breaking news, - gets credit for original thought ('SBI has only acquired five of the dozens of firms up for sale. After hundreds of conversations with different potential targets, it believes it has picked up the best assets available.') as does Inside Consulting ('So while the IBMs, Accentures and EDSs battle for big-buck contracts near the surface, SBI and its counterparts will pick at the pieces that drift downward.')

Anyway, it seems Andrew Ross, an American Studies professor at New York University, has excellent timing in the release of his book No-Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs. I read an except a while ago and was surprised to find it accurate and insightful. One description of the book says,

Though urban knowledge workers enjoyed unprecedented autonomy and bargaining power, and their bohemian artisan style evoked a pre-industrial craft ethos, the volatile economy exposed even the rank-and-file to 24/7 schedules, emotional churning, and the kinds of pressure typically borne only by senior managers. With his characteristic mix of laser-sharp analysis and deft storytelling, Ross asks: How humane can, or should, a workplace be? In documenting the quixotic life of these neo-bohemian workplaces, No-Collar records a unique moment in American history and reveals what the landscape of work will look like for decades to come.

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