Information Foraging

Just collecting a bunch of links on the topic...

Surf like a caveman, a historical summary from New Scientist, 2000

Cognitive Models for Web Design; Information Foraging Theory Applied...Tanya Rabourn's short 'n sweet summary

Designing for Information Foragers: A Behavioral Model for Information Seeking on the World Wide Web, James Kalbach's essay with related LIS references

Citeseer's listing

Peter Pirolli's publications at PARC User Interface Research

Stuart Card's publications at PARC UIR

Information Scent at PARC UIR

CHI 2003 Tutorial slides (PDF) from Pirolli and Card

A User-Tracing Architecture for Modeling Interaction with the World Wide Web (PDF), a presentation by Pirolli and Card on SNIF-ACT (combining SNIF: Scent-Based Navigation and Information Foraging with ACT: Adaptive Control of Thought)


Exploring and Finding Information, an entire book chapter by Pirolli


Surfmind's list of foraging links

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Litmus test for scent/meaning

Shifting information goals

Theory: EBay as Flea Market

Teaching in Sound Bites