Articles on Indexing Software, December 2002

An introduction for the knowledge management crowd.

Data By Design in eWeek.

Metadata Helper Applications: Tagging and Entity Extraction from Search

Automatic Indexing: A Matter of Degree from Marjorie M. Hlava in the ASIST Bulletin is still the most sober introduction to the topic.

Thanks to Demetri and Ed for links.


From eContent, Auto-Categorization: Coming to a Library or Intranet Near You!

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Dreyfuss Mobile Phone

Survey of Web Genres

Doblin's Short, Grandiose Theory

Marsupial Mouse

Search method seeds

Volunteering pays


Headline! Radio buttons originally controlled radios

Cost and Style

Litmus test for scent/meaning

Shifting information goals

Theory: EBay as Flea Market

Teaching in Sound Bites