Business, Design, and Time

Revisiting one of Jesse's elements diagrams I'm thinking about how the addition of a 'length' column (how long the layer requires) would generate some interesting outcomes. For example, significant business decisions can be made and ripple through an organization faster than upper layers, particularly Scope (Requirements, Specs) and Structure (IA, ID). A problem arises where a product can take longer to design and create than the span of the business environment the product was meant to serve. When business moves this fast, design must as well, limiting what can be built, or at least how.

Incidentally, I disagree a bit with that use of the term 'strategy,' preferring Michael Porter's clarification of strategy and business effectiveness.

More incidentally, the summary on MSN Search for says, 'Web designer Peter Merholz offers some brain droppings for hungry designing surfers.' Droppings? Hungry? Talk about your mixed metaphors. And what is a 'designing surfer' anyway?

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