The Unböring Manifesto

Form, function, and affordability. This is the key to IKEA's philosophy. The egalitarian mindset seduces me. 'For us, price is the magic ingredient. It divides the indispensable from the unattainable. And so we embrace a third dimension of furniture design - an affordable price.'

Of course price point is always part of a proper business plan, but the philosophy here is not what will the market bear but what will fill the market with lust. Overall the manifesto manages to inspire, educate, and explain (and advertise) all at the same time.

Though a friend recently commented that modern furniture now looks cheap because it all looks like IKEA.

And I must ask, is it too cheap, environmentally speaking? Furniture can be the sort of thing that lasts generations and yet the Billy might only last a few moves.

Update: they post quite a bit of info about them and the environment on their site.

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