Conversational Design

Peterme-the-guru created a drum to beat, 'Through my work, what I've observed is that the web is all about managing expectations . Setting expectations, and then fulfilling them. That's it. You do that right, and you're golden. The term I have right now for dealing with this is Explicit Design.'

An excellent drum, one that needs beating. Jess chimes in with complementary thoughts and a great experience cycle model.

Everyone should have a drum, as Peter says it reflects your perspective on the world and reveals new ways of seeing situations. Currently mine is Conversational Design. Not too long ago I wrote about IA as Conversation which explains it, and recently wrote this:

Converse with Customers

Navigation is a way of conversing with customers, as if the interface were saying, "We sell designer fashions at affordable prices. I can show them to you, or if you like you can learn more about the company..." We speak with our parents, children, friends and colleagues all in different ways. To a child we are patient and instructional, and when we're flirting we're attractive and coy. We should similarly tailor our interaction with our customers. Conversing consists of two qualities: conveying information and saying it with a certain style...

Much more soon.

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Conversational Design


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