Complexity and Cars

Go read Haughey and come back.

No really, go 'head. It'll just take a sec.

Back? Interesting, right? That Niklaus Wirth quote is how I feel about ideas like emergence. It's interesting, but trying to replicate them in a product isn't necessarily desirable design practice. It's just, interesting.

Regarding the BMW, I used to drive one (though my hopelessly middle-class mindset cringes every time I admit it) and I generally like them. Still, I'm hoping we get to a point where there's a backlash and the demand for a simpler car arises. But building something to the tune of late-60's simplicity is impossible because of laws necessitating specific technology. I don't even think you're allowed to put a carburetor in a new car, even if you invented a clean design.

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