Statement of Purpose

Several Reasons this Book is Important and Useful

Outline of Chapters (draft)

Chapter 1: Learning the Interface (draft)

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Sleeping with The Enemy: Learning Windows for Mac Users

Several Reasons this Book is Important and Useful

  1. Computer book best seller lists prove that readers need introductory computer books.
  2. Many people learn the Macintosh first in schools and in small businesses and so are faced with the transition this book addresses.
  3. Because the Macintosh continues to sell well, more and more computer users will encounter both the Mac OS and Windows and will need to transfer their skills.
  4. Uses an approach that leverages the reader's existing knowledge, easy the learning process.
  5. Written in an informal, sometimes humorous tone (hence the proposed title) common to the Macintosh culture that will make a possibly painful transition more comfortable.
  6. There is no direct competition to a book with this approach. This has been verified by bookstore visits and searches through, the Barnes and Noble web site, and major publisher's databases.
  7. The potential for sequels:
    • Advanced Windows for Advanced Mac Users
    • Windows NT for Macintosh Administrators
    • Learning Macintosh for Windows Users
    • Learning Linux for Mac Users

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