Statement of Purpose

Several Reasons this Book is Important and Useful

Outline of Chapters (draft)

Chapter 1: Learning the Interface (draft)

About Victor Lombardi

Sleeping with The Enemy: Learning Windows for Mac Users

Outline of Chapters

Brief History of Platforms
Understanding How Things Became So Screwed Up

  • Mac's progression to OS 8.x
  • DOS, Windows, Windows 95, 98, WinNT 3.51, WinNT 4.0
What's Inside that Plastic Box and How to Plug Things Into It
  • Buses - PCI, EISA, NuBus, ...
  • Input/Output - Keyboards, mice, ports, VGA, S-VGA
  • Typical box architecture (basic overview)
  • Hard Drives - SCSI, IDE
  • Plug and Play
  • Compatibility issues
  • Video cards and network cards
Interface [ draft of Interface Chapter ]
How to Get Work Done Without Going Insane
  • Basics
  • Customizing
  • Command line
  • sound
  • second mouse button
  • equivalent keyboard shortcuts
Hard, Floppy disk formats
Take Your Work On Put It Back On Your Mac!
  • formatting utilities
  • HFS, HFS+ (Diagram of Mac capability with each OS version vs. FAT and95/98/NTFS)
  • FAT, FAT32, HPFS,95/98/NTFS can address 16 exabytes (16 million gigabytes)
Equivalent Software Packages
"I use such-and-such software on the Mac, what's the equivalent for Windows?"

Using Windows Software

  • Installing, configuring, and re-installing software
  • Add/Remove control panel
  • The Registry
  • Running apps off a server
  • Startup discs
  • Backups
  • Registry
  • Norton
  • Restarting Apps, services, soft reboot and hard reboots
  • Viruses
The Future of Apple and Microsoft's Operating Systems
talk about future directions, technologies, who they're targeting...
  • Windows 2000
  • IPv6
  • Active Directory
  • RFCs
  • Mac OS X

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