Blood Book

Mark Bernstein has an interesting review of Rebecca Blood's The Weblog Handbook.

For Blood, as for many diarists, the exercise of writing is its own reward. "If you allow yourself to begin posting entries based on what you think someone else wants you to write," she warns, "you are missing the point of having a weblog."

to which Mark points out a bit of contradition:

More seriously, Blood's romantic conviction deters any extensive discussion of craft. If simple authenticity is the goal of weblog writing, and if you -- the Audience Of One -- are the only reader that really matters, then what craft is needed?

This is a balance I sometimes struggle with. Ideally I'm crafting words others will enjoy as well, words that still propel my own ideas. Isn't that usually the case in publishing? Or journalism?

Rebecca nails it when she says, 'The more your weblog reflects your interests and your world view, the stronger your voice will be.' I've always thought 'voice' is the most significant reason I like some blogs over others.

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