Noise Between Stations
Book Exchange


The Skinny

You pick out a book from the list below, tell me you want it, and I mail it to you. All I ask is you either pass the book onto to someone else after you've read it or send me a book I like (new or used) in return.


The Not So Skinny

It recently occured to me that:

  1. Although I love my books, most of the books I own are mere decoration. I only use a small percentage of them for reference or for reading more than once.
  2. Great books shouldn't just sit on my bookshelf when others could be enjoying them.
  3. My apartment is too damn cluttered.

So by sending these books out into the world, and perhaps getting some back, I hope to introduce both you and I to new ideas. And imagine the joy of receiving a book in the mail that you didn't even pay for. So, pick out a book!


The List