Audio on The Internet


This site explains the use of audio content on the Internet. The overall approach is broad enough to relate the impressive capabilities and accomplishments of the medium, while giving specific examples in order to bring the reader a few steps down each of the many paths explored here.

The site begins by outlining the depth and breadth of the Internet, then continues to explain the role of audio material as an important medium of information on the worldwide computer network, both as a relayer of traditional audio content as well as a means of interaction with computers. Exploration of traditional uses of audio leads to a discussion of how these translate to the Internet.

Next the specific technical issues are discussed, including basic digital audio concepts and examples of different transmission and storage formats as they pertain to the Internet.

The last section examines a handful of trends that may substatially effect the future use of audio and computer networks.

This site is specifically designed for use on the Internet with regards to readability, hypertext design, and content. A graphical World Wide Web browser is recommended, but text-only pages are included when appropriate. Where possible, references to on-line resources exist as hyperlinks to those resources, especially on the References page.

I wish to thank those who have offered their valuable feedback on my work: Dan D'Ordine, Sarah Larson, Dr. Kenneth Peacock, Dr. Robert Rowe, and Larry Franke.

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Audio on The Internet