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Introduction to Human-Computer Interface Design

Whether technology helps us to gather information, provide services, or produce goods, it's benefits are usually manifested in a physical form. Therefore, it is often necessary for us to interact with technology in a physical manner.

By far, one of our most powerful and far-reaching expressions of technology is the computer. Much of the present use of computers demands a constant alternating succession of input and output of information, which is accomplished with some type of interface between us and the computer. The physical elements of this interaction demand great attention in order to be successful.

To address this interaction, three sub-fields of study concerned with how humans physically interact with the computer have arisen: ergonomics, human factors, and human-computer interaction. While ergonomics deals with the physical shape of the machine, and human factors deals with physiological concerns, human-computer interaction looks at the cross- relations of computer science, psychology, and design in order to evaluate and improve the way we use computers. Human-computer interaction professionals often design and test computer interfaces, that is, the physical tools that enable the exchange of information.

Using Sound as an Interface

Audio on The Internet